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PHP first or JS

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Hi guys I wanna ask you,  should I first learn PHP or JS?

I watched Stefan's video where he said its better to learn first PHP then JS but that was 2014.

I ask this because when I started PHP course it said "Prereqs: You should have completed the beginners HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses." . So what do you think? :)

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In the StudioWeb series of courses, I ordered it JS first simply because JS is clientside. For schools to teach JS, it is much easier for them since all the JS code runs in web browsers. As soon as you go PHP, they have more configurations to do ... so I put PHP after JS.


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I know to code in PHP and JS but I am feeling that I dont know that really good, that I have missed some stuff and I want to review it.

I tried JS on my own (with books) didnt work out. Tried one course, taught me just a partially JS, but still I valued that knowlege that I learned from that. Then I said I want to go to school where they teach you Web Programming  in a year, because I want someone to teach me. Its a good thing, but still didnt feel I learned all,  I think they use lots of terminology words and its not that simplified  and I am kinda a guy who likes to learn step by step. 

Then out of nowhere on YouTube I find you, and thats how all started. I like the way lectures are made and they are simple to understand. Also like the way of teaching.

You teach like I would do (when you were talking about what HTML is I said in myself "If I ever teach someone to code I would tell them that HTML is like bricks on the house" and then you say the same :D I know we are sharing the same name but we got lot of similarities, maybe you are my long lost brother haha :D )

With your teachings I finally put the puzzles I was missing in their place. I mean I've learned web foundation, and many more things from you where others didnt taught me, and that help me realize so much in coding.

I just finished JS functions, and even I learned that before, I feel that I know more than before and that my knowledge of JS is better. And of course better understanding of programming and all.

I am simply telling you all of this just you to know that you are a great teacher. :)

Thats why I asked in what order should I learn your courses because in PHP course you said  that you wont have to say what functions are cuz you explained them in JS course, and I want to hear your explanation for that (I know, little weird, but I want to master the basics, after that everything else is easier).

Stefan :)

P.S.(I have enormous urge to select answers like "Dogs wrote HTML" , "Stef is trying to mess us again" , "Fries are good for you", dont know why :D )

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