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Cyber Security in the US Air Force


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Cyber Warriors Fight USAF's Most Active, and Secret, War

http://www.airforcemag.com/MagazineArchive/Pages/2018/January 2018/Cyber-Warriors-Fight-USAFs-Most-Active-and-Secret-War.aspx


The US military is at constant war in cyberspace, fending off thousands of attacks and intrusions every hour by relentless foes seeking to exploit the slightest flaw in America’s defenses.

The daunting challenge for those in charge: Run a well-funded,-organized, -equipped, and -manned cyber force while keeping largely silent about the nature of the battle. 

Cyber warriors are “constantly engaged in a fight with multiple adversaries,” said Maj. Gen. Christopher P. Weggeman, head of 24th Air Force, USAF’s component of US Cyber Command. “If you want to put on that superman cape and jersey and fight for your country, believe it or not, the most active warriors out there right now are the cyber warriors.”

What they do, though, must necessarily remain secret, so as not to tip off the enemy about what the cyber force knows, what it can do, and what it is doing. This presents a challenge to both recruiting and funding: The American people and lawmakers are largely unaware of who cyber warriors are, what it takes to train them, what it is they do, and what their challenges are.

Twenty-fourth Air Force—known as Air Forces Cyber—holds the reins for USAF’s responsibility in the three-part cyber mission set established by the Department of Defense. ...


Again, as I have stated before in different places here, Cyber Security is a case of National Security. It is estimated that the US will be missing some 3.5 million jobs in cyber security by 2021 and in the meantime Pres. Trump suggests joining the Russians for cyber security. If you, family, or friends are looking to get into a new field, cyber security is a great place to go. Have kids join the military for cyber training and experience any big company will love to hire later. For those not in the US, every nation now has cyber security embedded into their military and every nation is going to need cyber security in the coming years.


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