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I bought the Learn web dev.. at killervideostore.com...


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I payed for the Learn web development fast course at https://shop.killervideostore.com/ and i payed for it on my phone with paypal it asked me to enter my email but then just got a error saying that it didn't get my email or something i have a odroid xu4 so i went to the same link and it was the same so is this legit i believe it is paypal will give me a refund if it isn't so it is fine. but i would like some help thanks. i payed with my email kolbymoroz@hotmail.ca and tryed to enter mrmetech@gmail.com

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5 minutes ago, administrator said:

Hi mrmetech,

I sent you your login info just now. There is a little delay because we have to add your account to StudioWeb.

Let me know if you got the email with your activation codes.


Ya thanks for the help :) I will be sure to take it i need to learn and it will be probably easier then going on forums and having no idea what to do. 14 so i want to learn as much as i can when i am young i would rather learn then paying a ton of money at a school for a piece of paper but i have no idea. Thanks nices videos i am just trying to learn one thing because i jump to different languages to much and can't get good at one. I need this i only figure out how to do the task then forget most of it because i am hoping like you said in a video about kufu or marshal arts lol not sure but thank you. :)

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14, a great age to be!

That's very cool that you are taking charge of your education already - got job!

My advice is to be consistent with your studies, and try to stay chill ... because a calm mind learns more easily.

And if you feel at times your are learning slowly, don't worry, that's normal. In those situations, just keep working and in no time, you will understand.



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