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Web Design Workflows


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Just a quick comment on upping your web design and development game. 

After you learn the basics of web design, you should start developing and optimizing a workflow that will save you time, and help reduce errors in your work.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Start tracking all time put on a web design job. This includes clients meetings in person and on the phone. This also includes planning and prepping development ... besides actually spending the time writing code, preparing images etc.
  2. Explore frameworks and libraries that can help you the type of web design work that you do. If for example, you are a developing information rich websites for small business, then check out a CMS like WordPress or Drupal as a development platform. 
  3. Start putting together file naming and code conventions. If you get into web development, MVC frameworks like PHP Laravel, or Python Django will already have this in place. 


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Hi Stef, just built my first web page  using Wordpress. I used your videos! Great program, thanks. I was very excited ! 

I now have a customer that wants a web page. Can you direct me on how to set up for a client in wordpress please?  I am using cPanel. thanks Ric

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