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I'm still stuck in Lesson 4 and the frustration is mounting.  Every time I insert an additional tag as per instructions, it doesn't open correctly in the browser.  As you can see I inserted both the horizontal rule tag and header tag, and it does not open in the browser with a horizontal line nor with the bold header.  It seems like every time I add additional code to the original web page, the additions don't appear.  Please help!!!


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A couple of things that help me out.


CTRL-S is your friend.  Quickly saves the page you are editing.

Sublime also has a plugin called "View In Browser."  A right click on the document or hot-key combo saves your file and opens it in a browser of your choice.

You probably know this, but I will mention this as well.  In the tab where the document name is, there is either a little circle or x to the right of the name.  A quick glance tells you the status.  x=saved, circle=there are unsaved edits on the page.

These save a bit of time as well not having to go to the mouse so much.

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