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Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

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16 hours ago, webmanz said:

What's the likelihood of use seeing you in your red shirt with a coffee in-hand and in public?

You mean my orange shirt from years ago?

... If so, I've retired that shirt. 


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Hmm ... I might be in LA at that time. But even then, I do have a lot on my plate. But  message me when you are in town and perhaps. But no promises.


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I really wish you had a training video on C++.  I took a semester of C++ in college, back in 1998.  It has some great concepts.  Almost all of the modern languages incorporate its concepts, even Visual Basic.  I can see real advantages of Object Oriented Programming vs. procedural programming.

But, as I try and learn it again, getting even deeper into concepts that I thought I knew 20 years ago, I have a lot of times when I get stuck, and spin my wheels for a while.  About half of the time it's syntax errors on my part, I just caught one tonight, and half the time it's fighting with the IDE.  I'm using Code::Blocks IDE, and, the concept of having to start a project every time I just want to code is a real pain.

I thought I had a go to guy for times when I get into a rut, but, come to find out, he's a C programmer and doesn't use the IDE that I do.

Like you say, once you learn the fundamentals of one programming language, it usually shares so much in common, at its core, with all the other languages, functions, loops, selection, declaring variables, samo-samo.

If you know of a good, helpful, C++ programmer, please let me know.



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