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Is Lsw Paranoid?


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To quote that one woman that pretended to be our governor for a half-term… “You Bet’chya”


A good dose of paranoia is good, it keeps folks alive. Paranoia is what I do, you can’t be a bodyguard if you trust everyone, or a Law Enforcement Officer. Ask or watch fire fighters enter a building off hours. You want to bet they are not immediately looking for fire exits, fire extinguishers etc.? Paranoia keeps us on our toes and sharp.


My job is to not trust anything, to suspect everything and to plan for anything. We in cybersecurity are in a war with smart and cunning bad people (technically named “Bad Actors” or “Adversaries”). If we develop security, they find holes in it. If they find holes, we must quickly patch those holes. It is a fast-paced arms race.


What kind of Killersites Staff would I be if I did not pass on my knowledge to my friends, of which you all are by being here. I am paranoid so you don’t have to be… as much.


I will post my concerns and you will hopefully choose to act on those things you agree on or have never thought about. You will likely think “(an expletive)…I never thought of that or of it in that way” just like I did when I started learning. We all have to start somewhere. So, feel free to call me paranoid, you’re in good company.


Cheers Friends


P.S. - My wife has called me paranoid too.



[Just trying to keep this forum light hearted as well as serious]

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