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Hello All,

Not too sure if I am in the right area here but,

Can anyone explain what are storyboards & sitemaps in a web design process, I have read up a little and are they the same thing or two very separate ones whereby you would need both for a web site design.  Also, is wire framing used to design the story board? 


Many thanks as always,



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A sitemap is used by Google to map out your websites. It is a basically a text document with links to the pages in your site. If your website is Wordpress based (or any other CMS,) it will generate the sitemap automatically for you.


A Storyboard is an image that represents your website while you are in the design process. Web developers borrowed the idea from filmmakers who will actually draw out scenes in a movie on a big piece of white cardboard. 


... Well these days, I am sure it is all done on computer. But you get the idea.


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