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Studioweb New Curriculum For 2016


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In the last few months, I just released the new foundation courses for Studioweb:

  • Beginners HTML
  • Beginners CSS
  • Beginners JavaScript
  • Beginners PHP

These courses were created in late 2015, and so they cover the latest in each language. So for example, the HTML and CSS courses teach HTML5 and CSS3. 

The new courses are greatly expanded (over the older courses) and are built from scratch. They include:

  • 300 videos
  • 900 new quiz questions
  • 40 assignable projects

Great Student Outcomes!

The data is now coming in, and we are seeing far better student engagement, and better results. For example, with the previous Beginners HTML course, the average student grade was about 72%, whereas with the new Beginners HTML, it well over 80% and even into the low 90's in some classrooms!

... And the new Beginners HTML covers MUCH more material.


Stefan Mischook



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