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Responsive Web Design (I Think!)


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Hello All,

I'm getting concerned as some web sites show up on my phone and seem as though they are designed for this solely, I think it is RWD? I heard that Google is going to like web sites who design for this,1st question, is this true? 2nd question, how can I design this? next one how does each platform know which one to fisplay? Thank you as always,


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Yes, that is responsive web design. 


You can see Google's comments on that topic here: http://searchengineland.com/google-finally-takes-a-clear-stance-on-mobile-seo-practices-123543. They don't explicitly say yes/no whether RWD will boost your rankings, but they do say that it helps make it easier for your users and makes it easier for Google to properly index your content (versus different versions of your site for different devices, for example.)


The primary tool for RWD is media queries -- they allow you to specify different CSS for different screen sizes. The underlying HTML will stay the same, but you can use media queries to adjust the layout and sizing of the elements, or hide/show elements as appropriate.

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