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Textarea Filling With Blank Spaces

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I have a form with a textarea. Every time I load the page, I can't see the placeholder text because blank spaces magically appear in the textarea box. I have to click inside it and drag my mouse to capture all the blank spaces to delete them out. This happens on every textarea box I set up. All my input boxes show their placeholder text except this one. Just looks kinda tashy. Is this a known issue with textarea boxes? Is there something I can do to make sure the box is cleared out upon loading my form?

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What does the code for your textarea look like? Do you have spaces between <textarea> and the closing </textarea> ?


Is this considered "spaces" between those tags?

    <label for="details" class="label">case details:</label><br>
    <textarea class="txtarea" rows="14" cols="50" name="details" placeholder="Case Details" value="<?php if (isset($_POST['details'])) { echo $details; } ?>">
	<span class="error"><?php echo $detailsErr;?></span>

UPDATE: I wld have never thought that butting the tags together cld make such a difference, but your suggestion was the ticket. Many thanks, Ben. Very much appreciated.

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