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help help how to incorporte a flash video onto my website swf


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hi i have the website online, but at the moment its under construction as it says indexof/ when i type in the site

www.webonlinedesigner.info, but when i type in www.webonlinedesiner.info/index.swf the site appears, can tell me what to do to get the site working, as im sure its something that needs to be changed or added?

the second question is i have another website that i hav euploaded to my cplanel with flash in it , but the html appaears and not the flash on the site (just blank spaces where the video flash should be going) can anyone help me out and tell me whta to do to coorect the problem



email: topslondon@hotmail.com

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You have to put the flash as an object on an HTML page called index.html

If you have an HTML Editor, it should come with an option to insert a flash object.

Same thing with the HTML. Sounds like you aren't inserting it the proper way.


If you don't have an HTML Editor, might I suggest the CoffeeCup HTML Editor (http://www.coffeecup.com/html-editor/)

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If you want to add a flash video to website, you just need a web-based flash video player. You can use Adobe Flash CS 3, import the flash video to the program and generate a web player for it. But it is recommended to use a pre-designed web player, such as flowplayer, playerDIY flv player creator, jw player...etc. Because they are more convenient to use and more player skins to be chosen.

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