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Hi There


I am currently in the process of designing an html responsive website for a client.

They wish to have their social media profiles: Instagram and Twitter floating on the left or right of their webpage.

Can anyone advise how best I can apply this in the html site that I am busy with.

I have tried AddThis and ShareThis but so far it is not applicable.

If anyone has a simpler solution, it would be most appreciative.


Thank You

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ShareThis works as a sticky sidebar just fine.




it's pretty simple for plain html page.


1. Under 'Choose a Platform' tab, select 'Website'.

2. Under the next tab 'Choose a Style' tab, select 'Sidebar'.

3. Click 'Next: Customize'

4. You can either customize it or go ahead and click 'Get the Code!'.

5. Copy the paste the 'head scripts' code into your head section of your website page.

6. Copy and paste the other scripts to the bottom of the webpage just before the closing body tag.


That's it!

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