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How do you know that your site has been hacked? What do you do if your site has been hacked? Also, what does it really mean that your site has been hacked? Just that someone has gotten into your database?





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What it means and how you know depends on what the hack's all about. If I suspect I've been hacked, I check the online file dates to see if anything is newer than it should be, and if I find something, I look at the code.

As to why/how, that depends, too. I once had an issue with a PHP file that somehow created a weak spot (a ZenPhoto vulnerability years ago), and I've also for a while had a host where my sites got hacked a lot. While I really cannot be sure how this happens, based on those circumstances, I am blaming the host. Now that I've moved to a different one, those problems have gone away.


I do have to add, so, that I only have limited experience with a good handful of small and basic sites.

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Hacking can be into the database AND the file system as well.


When someone hacks into your site,  it is typically to deposit some malicious program (PHP is often used) to be able to do all kinds of nasty stuff. A common way websites get hacked in through Worpdress, Joomla and other CMS software that have weak passwords or are not up to date.  I just wrote a quick article on that:




I hope that helps.


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