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Just Wanted To Say Hi!


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Perhaps he just wanted to say Hi!


Or perhaps he wanted to say Hi! .. and here is my link because I don't understand how SEO works today, so I will use techniques from 2006.





He tried. But since there is always a chance we're dealing with a future contributing spammer, I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. :unsure:

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2006?  Hmm...what was I doing back in those web-historical days? Oh yes...trying to wean myself away from tables.


... Good ol' tables!!


Funny, I bet all those old clunker table based layouts still work fine ... while all the those css-hacks-based 'futureproof' layouts broke. 




... One of the ironies of the interwebs.



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Oh the hacks! I sometimes felt so dirty using them. You would think that over time hacks would be behind us but it isn't so. I found issues with IE11 how it displays certain elements. Almost everyone I know does not particularly like IE11 as much as IE10.


Perfection is still a long way off.

Edited by Eddie
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