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Homeland security is saying what we all have known since the 90's:



The US Department of Homeland Security is warning everyone to use alternate Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome due to a critical security vulnerability disclosed over the weekend in all versions of Internet Explorer.  The vulnerability has already resulted in several attacks on US companies.  


Microsoft says they are working on a fix for the problem, but as of this morning there is no estimate on how long that will take. 


This was sent out from our state security office.

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I think versions of IE that only works with XP is the reason because it's really NOT A STAND ALONE browser like Firefox, Opera, etc. which is why older versions of IE will not work with Windows 7.  As you know, MS always try to make all their software to have the ability to interact with their other software. In a way, that is a good thing except when you can't afford to upgrade.


I am betting that there will be patch that will allow the users to install them manually.  Otherwise, XP is over 13 years old and if users just cannot upgrade then they should download an alternative software like Firefox.


From a web developer perspective, I look forward to XP being history even though it has been a very good operating system.

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XP is History. It reached "end of life" April 18th, so it is no longer being updated, no more security patches etc.. Anyone still running XP will be open to a lot of security holes and open for attack. Supposedly 1/3 of all operating systems out there are still XP including allot of bank money machines etc.


We had to re-write and modify allot of the OLD Access 97 apps that we still had users using because they were running them on an XP virtual box which the state demanded closed down to due to security. So we had to improvise a way to get them to run on Win7. For some reason we had a handful of 97 Access apps that broke when we tried to convert them to Access 2010 years ago so they were on the virtual boxes.


And for you Win7 users... our time is coming, Win7 hits "end of life" in 2020. On the bright side, Win9 is supposed to make an appearance this fall and maybe will be more NOT Touchscreen Unfriendly as Win 8 is.

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Let's hope that holds true about Windows 9...


Windows 95 = not good

Windows 98 = good

Windows ME = not good

Windows XP = good

Windows Vista = not good

Windows 7 = good

Windows 8 = not good

Windows 9 = ??


See a pattern here?

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