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Internet Explorer Add-Ons Viruses

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I use both Mac and Windows ... each has their advantages but for general running around the Interweds, you are CRAZY to use Windows unless you go to only very well knows sites and you NEVER download and freeware like PDF readers. 


... Otherwise you risk some a virus. 




I use my Windows machine for very specific task that generally keeps me off the broader Web but one day recently, I forgot I was on Windows and surfed out into the deeper waters. I found out soon enough that I got some stupid Internet Explorer Add-ons virus that creates hyperlinks all over web pages that take you sales sites and spyware sites! 


... And I have full Norton 'protection' on! 


Anyway, an hour later I found myself throwing multiple anti-malware at the machine and this god cursed JoniCoupon just didn't want to go away. So I went medieval and old-school-nerd on this piece a crap:


  1. Click the IE tools icon (in the top right) and select 'Manage Add-ons'
  2. A window with a list of the ad-ons pops open; select the one you want to kill.
  3. Right-click and select 'More information'
  4. Hit the 'copy' button and then paste the information to a text file.
  5. Select and copy the file name - it will be something that ends with '.dll'
  6. Then go to your Start button and in the search box, type in 'regdedit'
  7. Once there, select edit -> find ... and enter the name of the file name that ended with .dll.
  8. It will find it and you can then right-click and delete the bastard. 

You are done.


I swear to the angry nerd gods (Steve Jobs?) that if I ever catch one of these dirty virus programmers, I'm going come out of boxing / MMA retirement and do what I used to do best.





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