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Email Marketing Vs. Social Media

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So I've been checking out the numbers and have found that email marketing is still much more effective that social media. In fact, some people say it can be as much as 30-40x more effective!

... The problem is, you have to get those email addresses! So how do you do that?

  1. Build a content rich site.
  2. Use social media to get some attention.
  3. Have good spam filters in place so your list of emails/subscribers doesn't get polluted with the fake accounts.

This is a problem btw that everyone on the Web faces. Even Facebook has admitted that a huge percentage of their users are just fake accounts.

At killersites, I ignored this whole thing for years ... I let the lists go bad and now we are playing catch-up after years of neglect. The problem with not keeping your lists and user-base clean ... is that the spammers saturate things and the real people get lost.


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I suggest you Social media is big source you can target your local area and share your product. Keep in mind 30% traffic you got using of social networking website. when you talk about email marketing is cheap and less business method just spend money. 

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I Suggest that social media is the best platform to increase traffic and audiences to  your business...when coming to emil marketing it is cheap and we will not get more leads from this..

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