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Removing Spammers And Dead Accounts


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After many years of general neglect, we are finally cleaning house here on the forum.


Yes the moderators have been crazy cool handling the spammers ... but I am talking about the core, the guts of the forum software.  An upgrade and house cleaning was badly needed. So the first step has been to clean up the database ... so far over 40 000 spam and dead accounts have been deleted. 




Soon, we hope to make it easier for new people to join given the new anti spam tools that are now in place.   :unsure:





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Yea ... I feel like I'm losing weight!! 




We are now starting a general cleanup of the forum, email lists and KS overall. It was needed. 


You know, the forums started in 2003! That is too long a tradition to let it go down with a whimper ... we will get this community back on track again. Check out the old forum archive.

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