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Tired of IE bugs - help me with this one please

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Hi everybody,


Normally, this page of my site looks Ok on firefox, safari, chrome, etc.:






but, on IE8 there is a big white space between the first

and the second one.


This is the code of the div:


Johan St?ve Bello 


       Ingenier?a Civil, Universidad Cat?lica Andr?s Bello, Caracas, Venezuela.

 Experiencia profesional en empresas de construcci?n, donde se desarroll? en diversas ?reas t?cnicas y gerenciales. Fue gerente de proyectos de una empresa de consultor?a gerencial por m?s de a?o y medio, donde manej? procesos de planificaci?n y control de proyectos, manejo efectivo de la informaci?n y desarrollo de equipos de trabajo entre otros. Trabaj? durante dos a?os como profesor de la Franja de Habilidades Gerenciales del MBA de la Universidad del Externado de Colombia.

 Actualmente preside  SDA Consultores y se desempe?a como socio de negocios, y consultor en las ?reas de Cultura de Interacci?n y Desarrollo Humano y Profesional. 


Does someone know how to fix this?


Thanks in advance



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If you think that viewers may be using IE8 beta 2 and seeing something you don't want them to see, add this immediately after the

section tag:-



for XHTML (without the closing / before > if HTML) which makes IE8 work as IE7. It must be immediately after the

tag, not lower down the head section.


There are thousands of problems with IE8 at present and I don't want viewers of my sites to use it. It doesn't display some drop down menus correctly and even stops displaying half way down a page sometimes until you refresh. It also doesn't make anchors work if the anchor code is empty. The Opacity attribute isn't supported; only the IE filter.

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Thanks for your answer.

I kind of solved the problem. The main idea was to have some text and (3 paragraphs) a picture floated to the right, so at first, I put the

tags and the tag, then I floated the to the right. It worked perfectly on Firefox, etc., but it wasn't working on IE8. So, I finally decided to wrap both tags with two divs, one for the text, one for the image, and floated them.

Problem solved:






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