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Learning To Program With Code Vs Using Gui Tools.


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I've noticed a movement lately where people are learning to code with pseudo languages that look like lego blocks rather than actual code.




... The idea is that you can learn code concepts using the blocks, making it easier for students.


Why do I disagree?

The major problem with GUI based programming tools is that ALL the popular languages used in the real world are code based:








objective C


…. And the list goes on.


Drag-n-drop lego-block programming is not reflective of the real world.


Students need to develop what I call ‘nerd eyes’ - the ability to read code. This becomes critically important as student progresses into the world of programming.


Being able to read code quickly has a huge impact on the student’s progression when it comes to learning how to program. In addition, nerd-eyes has a huge impact on debugging, understanding codebases and just simply in day-to-day programming.




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I concur. The GUI method is great but it is indeed important to know the code. I just dealt with one of those types of sites and although it was easy to manipulate I found myself making some changes to the code because the GUI did not give me the exact custom design I was looking for.

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