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Saturday, my latest site went live: http://www.roatan-octopusdiveschool.com/ - any thoughts? I still haven't figured out why there is a gap above the index page banner, below the navigation on all browsers but FX, but I think I can live with it. Overall, I thing the new site is a huge improvement over the original


Either way, any input on further improvement will be appreciated.

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Hi Andrea

I like your design very much !

I'm scratching my head a little also about that little gap, but it still looks good that way to me.

I do have one concern the code at the bottom of your html linking to the style sheets should be in the <head>.

Also I like your current profile photo much better that the lastcool.gif






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Hi Andrea:


I tried very hard to find flaws in your project and failed.


There is only one suggestion I can think of. As most people that you may be aiming for, I have never heard of Roatan! Perhaps a map showing where in the Caribbean it is located?


Not a flaw, just a minor suggestion.


A job very well done!



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Thanks, Alfie.

Content is mostly the site owner's task, and I believe that people who might research scuba on Roatan already know where it it.

If you like the small-tropical-island-in-the-Carribean kind of thing, I can highly recommend it.

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Hi LSW , Andrea 

Known you both for many years, LSW was the master on MSN EVERYONE loved his posts in coding, then he found killersites, asked me to join, BUT never clever enough to do CSS, Andrea you look lovely, you have a strong way with words, i have nothing but respect for you both, Steff great man, love to all Les ( UK)



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