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Cymk V Rgb


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Hello All,


I recently sent a poster to my printer but she contacted me to say some of the text was too dark when she printed out a test! I have read up on a few things but wondered if it had any thing to do with, when setting up the new file I chose RGB when maybe I should have chosen CYMK. I think that the printer's conversion is changing the colours but wanted to see what the boys and girls on the forum think?


Thank you as always


Best wishes


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Right. RGB is for web/screen work, and CMYK is for print. They have different color gamuts (meaning the range of colors they can display), and CMYK specifically has a smaller range of colors it can create from the cyan/magenta/yellow/black combination of inks. This is often why you'll see colors shift slightly when switching between the two, because the calculations used to create those colors from the combinations of inks change.

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