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What is your goal here? You can't override the old domain's url within iframe. It seems to me that you could easily transfer your old site over to the new domain and then change all the necessary paths to match that of the new domain.


Actually what I'm trying to do is mirror the site on a new domain. (I just figured that out today.. hooray!!)

And I have my reasons for not just wanting to transfer eveything over. Alot of it comes down to the way I use the sites and who I get to look at them. (I'm not worried about google or any kind of traditional online traffic per say.. )

What I've found is a php script and .htaccess that will do exactly what I want. So I'm going to abandon the iframe idea.


But unfortunately I've got php and .htaccess problems now. So I'm going to try and see what I can do for the next 24 hours and if I get stuck (and I probably will) I'll post my questions in the correct section

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