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Found Perfect Web Design, Need A Solution


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hey everyone,


I'm new here so please forgive me if I commit a faux pas of some sort. I am very new to this type of web design, I "kind of" understand it, but I simply can't get it to stick. I found two website templates that I think would be perfect for a project I am working on but when I view the source file I have to admit I just don't get it.


Sites in question: Website #1, Website #2


I've tried my best to decypher it but its just beyond me. So, the questions...


1. does anyone know of a template preferably for wordpress that looks ANYTHING like these?

2. does anyone know of a tutorial site that won't have me feeling like a complete moron that could teach me to do what these sites do?


Essentially I just want a really clean but visually appealing site that can showcase images.




Thanks in advance. <_<

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Site 1 is running a custom designed/built Wordpress template. Site 2 isn't Wordpress -- it's a site provided by 22Slides.com. You have two options moving forward:


1. Find a template

Which is surprisingly harder than I would have expected. Your best bet is to probably search for "wordpress photo template" and see what you get. Here are a couple to get you started.






2. Custom design/development

This one is tricker, and will definitely require solid knowledge of HTML, CSS and at least PHP and Javascript basics. You might check out my course on developing a Wordpress blog -- while it isn't specific to a photo style website, it will provide you with an understanding of a lot of the process and the basics required when working with Wordpress: http://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/wordpress-themes.php and the demo of what I build: http://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/live-demos/WORDPRESSFROMSCRATCH/. Treehouse also offers quality content, and their Wordpress section might be worth checking out: http://teamtreehouse.com/library/how-to-build-a-wordpress-theme. You likely won't find a tutorial on building the exact style of site you want to build. But you should be able to find Wordpress tutorials that will teach you about building and customizing Wordpress themes.

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