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Google Chrome Issue

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There seems to be an issue with the float. Normally, the left column is floated left whereas the right column is floated right. This work across ALL browsers except Chrome. I do have a fix but I do not know if this method is proper. I basically switched the left and right columns within the html and then removed the float: left from the left column.


After doing that, I still have a small issue with the two columns not lining up at the top (horizontal alignment) but it least is the layout is not broken.


If there is an alternative method, I am open for suggestions.

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It breaks in Safari too, which is no surprise as they are both based on WebKit.


Both should obey the floats the same as other browsers, I've manage dto get the left and right columns to move over to the left where they belong by adding a clearer div:-






There still seems to be a problem lower down which I haven't got time to sort out.

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