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Hi Everbody, this is my first posting


I am learning HTML and so far have been using notepad only


I opted against the idea of buying a ?full on? web page creator, such as Dreamweaver due to (a) cost (B) my amateur / learner status as well as © the learning effect of actually hand typing in of the .


Now I am getting there, so to speak, I fancy a text editor to help a bit, but still leaving the opportunity for direct HTML / CSS input. Another reason, is that having coding in different colours is always useful


Do any readers have thoughts on the numerous free / cheap programs that are available.


CoffeeCup is one option which keeps coming up on the internet, but how good is it


Are there any better options


Nothing fancy is required, and free would be nice.



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Thanks for that


I have downloaded Notepad++ and also PSPad, which both look to be pretty good, judging by reviews on various web sites.


The CoffeeCup editor, although quite popular doesn't seem to get as many good reviews.


Thanks again!

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