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Hello everybody,


This is my last work. It's a small site for a cello player here in Venezuela. I still have to work on the video section and add more photos to the gallery. I've tried to validate every page as much as possible.


Please tell me your critics so I can improve my skills.




ww w.germ anma racano.com


Best regards,



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Very nice - looks good and validates :-)


The one suggestion I have is on the shorter pages, the black footer extends all the way to the bottom of the screen, which looks a bit 'bottom heavy' - maybe giving the footer a set height and letting the lighter background color of the content show, might look better. That's mostly a subjective suggestion, so.


I don't speak Spanish, but in English, the plural of CDs should be CDs, not CD's (common mistake) - that would be possessive.


The CDs sold like hot cakes.


The CD's cover showed the picture of a hot cake.

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Yes, you are right too. I already fixed it. How do you like the pop up image effects? and the gallery? aren't they too flashy? The site is meant to be quite formal (not extremely, but quite)


By the way I'm using the php add/delete/update form you wrote. It's in the administration section and it works perfectly. The upcoming events and the events section display data from the DB, which is to be populated by the client...


Thanks again for that.





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