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Two graphics I don't know how to make?


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Hello, I want these two things in my new site.


See here... http://stylissimo-btemplates.blogspot.com/ see how the top header graphic is con-caved in at the bottom? How is that done? And see how the top four images have shadows underneath them? How is that done? These tuts have to exist somewhere, I just don't know what those effects are called. If you could just point me, I could probably take it from there. Thanks! :)

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Shadows under the icons could be done with a cast shadow





For the indented top header, I'm afraid you'll have to break out the dreaded "Pen Tool" it is a little daunting if you don't know how to use it.

Or use the Shape tool




If you need any further help let me know

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Thank you Virtual! What is your real name? :) I thought it might be a cast shadow but I wasn't sure. Still, I don't know if that's what I need. I actually need to create a graphic that's separate from the image. Like this... http://www.visibilityinherit.com/projects/icons-shadow.jpg And the cast shadow is behind the image. How would I make it so it appears to be beneath it? Basically, I'm attempting to do something like this... http://adrianpelletier.com/sandbox/jquery_hover_nav/ And I'll do some reading on the pen tool.

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My name is Lynne...Soon to be moving back to La Jolla or Encinitas, not far from you :)


The "adrianpelletier" shadow effect is almost the same as the http://www.photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/ ? shadow.htm

Make your button and then follow the tut. The shadow is on its own layer so you can place it anywhere you want, under or in front by just dragging it around, and then just warp it with Edit - Transform - Warp/Distort or whatever if need be. Also change the opacity or blend mode.


When you Save for Web, you can just save the shadow as a separate image.


Here is a tutorial on making reflections


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Thanks Lynne for pointing me in the correct direction. Let me work on this for awhile and see what I can come up with, I'm sure I'll be back soon. I'm getting better, but I think PS will always be my achilies heal.


Actually, I do have one more question. Skimming through some tuts, making the curved line seems easy enough. But what I don't see mentioned anywhere yet, is how do I make that semetrical? Surely, I don't just have to eyeball it?


Edit - actually two! The cast shadow thing. All the cast shadow tuts take on the shape of the object. I ofcourse don't need that - just a blaw shadow? Maybe once I play with it will become more clear. Currently on phone.

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All the cast shadow tuts take on the shape of the object.

Then you just make a first layer with the shape you want and make the shadow from that.


But what I don't see mentioned anywhere yet, is how do I make that semetrical?

You need to use guidelines, go to View - Rulers and then with the Move tool you pull down from top or from the left the guidelines where you want them. You can also turn on gridlines View -Show - Grid. The Pen tool is very symetrical once you know how to manipulate it.


Actually I just had a better idea. Use the rectangular Marquee tool and draw your square or rectangle, then change to the elliptical Marquee tool and check on the "subtract from selection" 3rd box from left on top menu bar, and draw your circle or oval within the guidelines or grid on the same layer. When it is positionned properly hit delete and Voila, then hit Command+D to deselect.

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OK, side tracked, back at it! The curved main graphic one, (the header) I'm just going to copy and recolor the example I have, that's less empowering, but easier. One question though, whats the best way to smooth out the curved lines? It's a little pixel-lated. I googled of course, but could not find my answer.


Second, messing around, I found a very easy way to make the shadow under the image. Open a new doc >> make a circle in it >> Select black color >> Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE >> CTRL+T (transform) >> drag it down and shape it >> Filter >> gaussian blur it until it looks good >> Done!

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