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Hoping to get some feedback...thanks...


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First, I am looking forward to being a part of the community and helping others when possible.


Now, here is the site http://bargainautophilly.com

Been strugging with this website. Was hoping to get some feedback. Using Drupal 6



Do not get a lot of content or images from client. They are too handsoff which makes it difficult. No real good auto repair shop websites that I saw out there for inspiration. If you noticed any please forward to me.


Need feedback:


I want it to be an effective website not just a brochure website. Meaning I think I should create one region on the front page for all services and focus the rest on what will make people come such as coupon region, current prices, newsletter...etc. I feel I am focusing on things that should be understood with a Auto Repair Center.


If that doesn't make sense, any feedback would be appreciated from the aesthetic to the functional are welcome.




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Welcome to the community, it's a great place.

Your site looks good overall, easy to navigate and gives the info you need. Just a couple of comments:

There is no link back to the home page on your navigation other than clicking on the name, which some people don't know about.


The scroll bar on "Other Bargain Services" doesn't look good and the last link is cut off halfway through. (Mac Firefox 3.5)


You don't validate but nothing serious, you are missing some "alt" tags.


The site is quite slow to load.


"Our Hrs" would look better as just "Hours" or "Opening Hours".

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