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Your side divs with the shadows are floated and floated divs have no height (height: 100% doesn't work as you have discovered) so you have to nest the content div inside both the side divs which drags down the backgrounds to the height of the content.


The content div should not have float: left if it's inside the side divs. It then has a height which is used by the side divs.


See the principle in item 17c here:-



Item 19 shows another way using position:: absolute divs as backgrounds.


Edit: I can see that you've changed the page, but my version of your original is:-



http://www.wickham43.com/forumposts/lesleycolors090907.css (same as your colors.css)


I made a new image leftrun3.jpg for the left side but it doesn't seem to be quite wide enough.


I used the nested principles as in my first link but had problems at the top because of the #menu and #right divs which have to provide a different side image for the top part, so my version is very complicated but it works in Firefox and IE7.

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