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Opinions on my website?


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Do you guys give opinions on sites?


Thought I would ask first.


This is my first. Real simple; still need to work some things out.


Image res;cgi form link;spelling; links etc.


Does it look to cheesey? To simple? To boring?


ahh here it is if anyones interested.




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Your link does not work, and yes people here do give feedback on your site, but only if it validates. Otherwise your request for opinions might be met with a long silence. Once your site validates it usually cures a lot of the issues you have experienced and then it might be more beneficial to you if you asked specific questions about the different areas that you are having problems with.

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Thanks for the response.

Yes I keep changing it. http://www.trojanpressinc.com/TrojanNewPageTest2/1_Home%20Page8.html

Only the links on the Home page are linked.

Not sure what you mean by validating. Closer to the end product or published?

I'm still having problems with a form. I got a hold of

the CGI script but it doesn't work with my companies cheap account.

Any other suggestions?

Can you make a video out of Photoshop that will go in the site.

Where do I get the info on how to I get video into a site. Right when it starts up?


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Validating means running your code through the W3C validator, which you can do from this link

http://validator.w3.org/ for your html code and the following link for the CSS code



You cannot make videos with Photoshop, you make videos with your camera and then edit them in Final Cut Studio or similar progam. Photoshop can only edit still images.

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thanks Tenerife good stuff, I'll do that.

In the mean time I've had sales looking at what I have and

they keep commenting on the resolution.

Can anyone look at this and tell me how I can improve the logo

and pictures. They should be over 100dpi. The logo; I used smart objects, made it large and reduced it in Dreamweaver, it seemed to help alittle; not much tho.


If anyone has any other opinions that would be nice.

Does it look professional enough?





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If you are having an issue with image quality, it is because you are using large images, and then asking the browser to resize them down.


For example, your logo is displaying at 450px x 200px, yet the actual image is 2103px ? 994px. Something like that is absolutely unnecessary, and may actually decrease the image quality.


For quality images, you need to:


-- Use 72 DPI (anything over that makes absolutely no different when a user looks at it. You are simply forcing them to download files that are larger than necessary)

-- That are the actual size you want displayed. If your image is going to appear on the website at 80px x 80px, you need to create the image at 80x80px. Anything larger than that, and again, you are forcing the user to download files that are larger than necessary (and thus slows down the page load time).

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Dreamweaver is only displaying a resized image, the file size stays the same, so as Ben said you are cluttering up unnecessarily your server thus using more bandwidth and wasting time for your end user on longer rendering time in the browser.


This is where you need to use Photoshop. When you have finished with your logo or image, you should resize it to the exact size you need on your website and File > "Save for Web...". There are different settings for jpeg's between 0 and 100, you need to view at least 2 up (original image and resized image) side by side so as to get optimal image quality and file size.


You should also use "Bicubic Sharper" when reducing image size in Photoshop. Bear in mind that if you started out with a huge image and high resolution that some of the finer details and lines may disappear if you reduce to a much smaller size.


P.S. 100 dpi is not necessary as computer screens can only display 72 dpi, so again a waste of space

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PPS. Just took a second look at your link and from a design point of view you need to lose some of those bright colours. The bright yellow on black is difficult to read, and the whole impression is garish and not professional. You need to define a colour scheme with a max of 4 colours.


Another point is that there is no consistency to your site. By that I mean that your navigation changes from one page to another (sometimes on the top, sometimes on the left) and the background of your contact form is white. Which actually looks better with the "bright colour scheme" you are using. The site would also look better if it was one width, centered and wider, most people now have at least 1024px width, of course that depends on the market you are targeting with your site.

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Thanks all for the responses and ideas. good stuff.

I'm reworking my files.

the saleman likes all the black.

I'm trying size up the pages.

I want to add some padding and I'm not finding where I can add padding on the the left side.

Shouldn't it be at the top? setting up the whole page?

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Okay this is the final if anyone cares to comment.


Reworked the pictures.


Kept the black 'cause, the saleman whos going to help with the copy, likes it. I like it too but I agree that maybe its not the most professional.


My original form is black but the cgi doesn't work with our account.


Resized pages, stayed around 1000


color sceme is basically yellow on black; links blue; the logo is alittle wild so had to throw alittle wild in too.


Thanks for the help on this. No one has accepted it yet' may have to rework it and make it more professional like some of the suggestions, so we'll see.


If this is accepted I'd like to ad video and more bells and whistles. This is just to get some thing up there and replace what someone else did.


www.trojanpressinc.com any opinions on this one? I'd like to get in and change the colors and use it. Not sure how yet.


thanks again

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My thoughts - in the order they appeared:


I prefer a centered layout - just looks more balanced than one clinging to one side of my monitor with all the dead space on the other.


Just because the logo is 'a little wild' the rest doesn't have to be --- you wouldn't wear plaid with your Hawaiian shirt (I hope!!)?


Your index page's title is 'entertainment home page' - you may want to replace that with something more relevant.


Not sure what that thing on that image in the header is, but I'd remove the link border around it. I'm guessing the word under it is supposed to say 'equipment', so there's a typo - but all together, this image link and the word seem out of place and without any logic.


There are still too many colors on the page - I get it that the logo is pretty colorful, but the main color there is an orange - stick with instead of the yellow, and the blue and purple for the links just look out of place and so 'default'.


The navigation links should all look the same - not all words and one that's an image.


Re-read the first paragraph - there are some grammatical and logical errors in it - and the period is missing at the end, too.


I assume the images on the right are supposed to represent different products the company offers - well, they don't - writing "Newsletters / Brochures" under the image of a car still doesn't make the image relevant. And 'calandars' is misspelled.


14 validation errors, and that on an incorrect (XHTML) transitional doctype.


Looking at the code - improper use of tables for layout, inline styling, misuse of empty p tags, just bad code all together, plus I see several links leading to images on your harddrive - which means broken images.


Instead of a faxable estimate form, at least provide a pdf that can be completed electronically and faxed back, or just build a proper form that can be submitted.


Too much inconsistency in appearance throughout.


Contact form is somewhat illogical in the information provided (maybe it's not complete yet?) and the Estimate Form link on the contact page breaks across 2 lines which doesn't fit the 'look' of the other links.


There are still images with adjusted dimensions (you're displaying at a different size than they actually are)


Equipment list page runs on long after the content is over.


My overall impression of the 'new' site - just too multi-colored and juvenile / cartoonish - it doesn't say "professional, serious company' to me. That black background really is not helping at all.


And of course - most of those opinions are very subjective, but I probably am not the only one who feels this way.


On the existing one - I don't like the flash intro, especially since it doesn't even have a 'skip intro' button. I would not have waited it out, had I know stopped by to look at what you're talking about. On the inside, I do not like that the text runs all the way across my monitor, those long lines are very hard to read. And I 'only' view at 1280 width - those on even larger resolution will need a ruler just to help their eyes follow along.

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My opinion is the same as Thelma's for both sites.


To me it looks like I wasted my time giving you some suggestions because I cannot see any of the changes that I think you should make implemented in your new version.


Like Thelma said

"My overall impression of the 'new' site - just too multi-colored and juvenile / cartoonish - it doesn't say "professional, serious company' to me."


My own frank opinion:

I would never consider giving work to a printer with such a site, for fear that the printing work done would be as unprofessional as the site.


I suggest you ask the person who does the graphics for your print company what he thinks of the site, rather than the salesman. I am giving you 2 links below to sites that have black backgrounds, the first of which has a very colourful header. Maybe you will better understand what we are talking about.

http://ht'>http://ht tp://ww w.ge tfre ewebd esigns.com/preview/?template=426

http://ht tp://ww w.ge tfre ewe bde signs.com/preview/?template=225

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