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Eclipse - having problems

Cory Duchesne

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I just recently bought the vid tutorial on making a shopping cart, hosted by Jon Lebensold.


Early in the Tutorial, Jon advises me to install "eclipse". Well, I have it installed.


Jon says to click File - New - PHP project. I enter the project name (I use "test"), I put it in the workplace folder, but when I click finish, I get an error message.


Here's the error message:


Creation of element failed.



Build path contains duplicate entry: *long complicated address that i couldn't copy on my clipboard*



I was just hoping one of you might be able to understand the problem, because I'm not quite clear on what a "build path" is.



PS: Yeah, so I did a google search, and found out that this is a bug others have experienced, and that there is a patch for it. I extracted the patch files into my eclipse folder - - but the bug is still there!


However, I found a way to get around it. After entering my project name, I just click finish, rather than click next. This seems to bypass the bug, but what happens in the future when I need to create a project that demands I click next to tinker with the defaults?

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