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I am just learning web design. I have made changes to the css on a site stored on my computer so I know how to view the code with my browser. Now my question is, how do I go about seeing what the new site looks like? How do I open it to see it as it would look online? Is there a different file I open up with my browser?


Any help would be appreciated!




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You should have an html file which links to the css file, both should be in a folder on your hard drive, probably named index.html or home.html. To view the changes you have made you just double click on the html file to open it in your default browser.


I suggest that before you make any changes whatsoever you make a copy of each file so that you can always revert back to them if you mess up. Also view each change in the browser as you make it, not after you have made several changes or you will not understand properly which change has the desired effect.

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