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Shopping Cart / Catalogue Listing Help PLEASE


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Before I proceed, the website I am trying to implement:



This website has been done in Joomla, which I have heard of but DO NOT know how to design in.


I am still old school and use CSS, Photoshop and Dreamweaver when designing a website.


I need to design the above website from scratch but without the Shopping Cart. This will not be an online store shop.


What I want to know is: How can have all the products of a selected type listed below each other. For example: If I click on m/boards then how do i list all the m/boards below each other.




Hope you can advise me the best route to take.

Kind Regards

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Joomla is written in PHP. As such, if you want to modify it, you will need to know a little PHP. I created a site for people just like you - web designers who need to work with their PHP based CMS: Killerphp.com


About your particular problem; I haven't worked with Joomla itself, so it is hard for me to be able to give you a specific answer.

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Hello There


I am going to design the website using HTML for now. The client does not have a big budget.

Is there any product category listing software that I can use to list the products and combine it with the website.



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I am trying to decide on a shopping cart, I have a little knowledge on PHP & I do mean a little however I am prepared to learn. I've looked at several on the market but they seem to be over elaborate for my needs. I would like to build my own as I'm confident enough in html & css to produce sites & now turning to PHP for dynamic sites too.

I downloaded the cart tut's yeaterday from KillerPHP which I liked (what I've seen so far) I am confident I could do this project & it would suit my needs however I have 1 problem, the video shows all product data stored in XML file yet every other cart I looked into uses mysql DB's which I would prefer to use. So what I'm asking is could the XML file be substitued with a DB?


Any help would be appreciated



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I have decided and agreed to put my Joomla training on hold for at least a few weeks until i get this project out.


I have downloaded and installed Zen Cart for my client's website. Its a bit frustrating if you don't know PHP! :(


I am liking the Admin Console of Zen Cart and most things are easy to change according to the Template of my choice.


However, one thing that is very irritating for me is the MANUFACTURERS LOGO. They are currently being shown in a LIST FORM, HOW can I get them listed with logo images instead, see sample here on this website: www.sonicinformed.co.za


For newbies like me, I'd highly recommend ZEN CART.



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Hello, I am actually not sure because i am only referring to the Manufacturers Logos on that site.


My site (which is currently under construction) can be viewed here: www.globalcw.net/shop


Zen Cart has many Free and Purchased Templates available for you to customize the look and feel of your future shop.


But if you use Zen Cart, I am sure you can have your site look like that.

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Sorry my mistake, thought the site was yours


I've downloaded Zen cart the other day however I've played around with it a bit more today & it looks like this will work for now, I would still like to build my own as shown in the Killer videos but I have the XML problem to overcome. For now your advise has been taken on board but unlike you I like the idea of loading everything by mysql and playing with the design rather than using the admin panel.

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