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Javascript accordion help needed


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I'm trying to add some new features to a nice Javascript based "accordion" navigation menu that I found at the Dezinerfolio website.

Here's my result so far.


Here's what I'm having trouble figuring out (not knowing if it's an HTML, CSS or Javascript issue):


  • Linkable buttons: In my example, the topmost ("Home") button doesn't expand as I want it to link to another page. Adding a normal HTML link to the text is easy, but I want the whole button to be linkable.
  • Highlighting of sub-sections: Whenever I click a button it is highlit with a blue line underneath it. However, I would also like the same to happen when I click on a sub-section link.
  • Nested buttons: it would be nice if I could press a button, then one or several nested buttons would appear with sub-sections inside.


Is any if this doable?

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