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How to transfer database from older website to newer one


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What do you mean by new site? A new server, or the exact same url/server, just a new template/look? At any rate, periodic back-ups of your database will enable you to restore it at any time anywhere.

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You should be able to download all the MySQL files from the current server using your ftp (it can download as well as upload) to a cd, or several cds.


Then upload it all to the new server. Make sure it works on the new server before deleting everything from the old server.


Keep the cds as a backup.


You will need usernames and passwords for both servers.

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Use phpMyAdmin, import from the old one (that gives you a copy onto your computer) then export to the new one. After that, you may have to update the database access info to the new database name, username, and password, if they change.


I cannot tell you step-by-step, but I know practically nothing about this stuff, and I've done it before - it's easy. Just look around your phyMyAdmin, it usually comes with a help section, too.

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Thelma has the idea correct, but just switched "import" and "export."


Here are the steps:

-- log in to PHPMyAdmin on your current host

-- select the database you want to save from the left column

-- in the right column, there should be a tab called "export". Click it.

-- once the export page loads, you shouldn't need to change any settings, just click "go".

-- PHPMyAdmin will create a text file that contains the necessary SQL commands to rebuild the database. Copy that text into a text file on your desktop.


-- log in to PHPMyAdmin on your new host

-- all the way at the bottom of the column named "Localhost", there should be a link to "Import". Click it.

-- on the next page, browse to your text file that contains your saved database, and click "go".

-- you have successfully transferred databases from one server to another.

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falkencreative, thanks

i am Following the steps you told me, I going on?

But I got a problem now,

I have logged in to my CP, select PHPMyAdmin, after that, (there is a box, asking my database name), but the database was designed by a developer before me. How can I find the database name to download it?

Actually, I want to download all my tables in database(s)

Need help

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I'm not sure what your PHPMyAdmin looks like... it should be pretty standard though. You will select the database name from the column on the left (here is what mine looks like as an example:)




I don't know which one it will be if you have more than one database set up... Hopefully the developer named it something that makes sense. If you can't figure it out, just download them all.


My instructions cover how to download all of the tables in the database, just continue to follow my instructions.

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