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editing remote linked files? (i'm new to dreamweaver)


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i've always been a re-builder, I take templates and distort the crap out of them til i get what i want. I am trying to do a new version of my site with Dreamweaver and noticed something neat but disappointing.

At the top it shows the 'linked' files, which is pretty cool, but if i click them it just shows them and says 'this is a remote file and cannot be edited'. Can I make it so I can edit them? I am really enjoying the split view function and it would really help my css coding. I can do this using firebug for firefox and then copying everything, but there are many tiny problems with that which i won't go into


i should note i'm aware that it works with local hosted files but I was trying to design the site with someone doing CTRL+F5 across the state.

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Funny how everyone seems to think that Dreamweaver is God's gift to web design.What you see in Design View is definitely not what you see in web browsers. There is nothing better than testing in IE6 - 8, which is where most of the problems reside, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


I think you might need to download the files you are talking about into a folder and then define or "Manage Sites" with DW so that it will know where to look for them locally.

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I agree with Virtual above -- this is probably the case when the linked file is online, rather than your local machine. Downloading the file to your computer should allow you to edit it.


And, as Virtual said, just be aware that what Dreamweaver shows you in the preview window isn't necessarily what is going to appear when you view it in a browser.

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I never thought Dreamweaver was all that awesome, but a friend talked me into trying it out for a bit so I am.

As for the problem I had it was my own fault, I misunderstood that I had to make a local copy and set it to sync with the site. it's fairly obvious if you don't overthink it, which i did.


CS4 has a "live view" now, which, in testing by having my current site's html loaded, has proven to show everything in exactly the same manner as FF3 and IE8.

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