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Viewing Stylesheets?


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Hello- I am completely new to web design- I have read a few books and I'm looking to dive in now. I had read that one of the best ways to get started is to look at existing CSS to see how it looks on the page.


Can I view external stylesheets or just the web sites that have internal sheets?


If they can be viewed, where would I find the external style sheets?


(I hope this question is not too basic for this forum- if it is, could you recommend a good forum for beginners?)


Thanks for your help.


Kind Regards,



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You can view them all - just look at the source and find the path to any external stylesheet.


If you are using the newest FireFox versions, the path in the source will actually be a link - just click.


Or get the Firefox Extension (Webdeveloper Toolbar) and use the 'Edit CSS" function - that way you can not only see the styles, you can also play with them and see how it changes the page.

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Thank you Thelma and virtual- both great ideas. I'll get the Firefox extension downloaded today. I wasn't aware there were

free stylesheets out there to edit so I'll track those down too.


Great forum with quick responses. I appreciate your help!



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Just a quick tip. If you use the templates, duplicate the index and the css file and mess about with the copies. I would also suggest you modify one thing at a time and view the result in the different browsers to help you understand what effect each part has. If you modify several things at one time you can't be sure which one had the desired or undesired effect.

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