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Select form / Different width when using IE and FF

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I'm having a problem regarding my select form in my site. Here's A PART of my site where I'm having problems with:



Select course


College of Computer Studies

B.S. Computer Science

B.S. Information Technology

B.S. Information Management


When I'm using Mozilla Firefox, the SELECT form auto re sizes itself when I click the button. To the point where all of the text in the OPTION element can be read and comes back to it's normal size once I'm done selecting and that's great, no problem with that. THE PROBLEM IS when I'm using Internet Explorer, it doesn't work. What I mean is the SELECT form only has the width of 155px, ( which I set ) so in that case, I can't read the OPTIONS text completely. How can I fix this? I hope someone can help me with this problem. Cheers!

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I'm not sure what you mean by auto resizing in Firefox. I tried a form of mine with a width for the select box which was less wide than needed for the options text and it didn't resize to show all the content.


I suggest that you make the select box the width it needs to be to show all the option text.

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Guest hammadtariq

It's a classic IE problem, there are work-arounds available if you know javascript, the work-arounds range from pretty basic onmouseover javascript calls to the advance create your own select box using frameworks. I wrote a blog about this along with the solutions of how to expand on mouseover or how to create your own SELECT element which works in every browser. Have a look at: solving select width problem in IE

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