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Problems With Browser Display (Warning - I'm A Complete Novice :p )


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I thought I could use a template that someone else made for me and edit it to make a very basic website for a friend - which I did testing it as I went in IE. Problem is - the styles don't appear to be working in Firefox and the styles and Iframe are not working in Chrome so looks awful...


If anyone out there have the patience to give me a hand to fix this up - I would greatly appreciate it!

www.mindsetnz.net.nz - let know any files you need to see (css etc)


Before you look at my source code - I apologise in advance for the mess I made.

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Code's important!!


Doctype comes first - and yours is incomplete - then the opening html tag.


Tables should not be used for layout, they are for displaying tabular data.


Using JavaScript for a hover is very outdated and way too cumbersome. That can be done with simple CSS.


Why are you using iframes to insert your content? That's usually done if you're including something external.


The code of your iframed content also has loads of errors in it. - no doctype, 2 opening html tags, deprecated tags (font tag for example) (even so a font tag should not be used --- if you're using it anyway, the closing font tag should only be </font> - you do not repeat the color.). There should not be any tags between the closing body and the closing html tag. (those are just a few).



Mainly, I think the question is - are you looking to learn how to do this right, or are you just interested in getting this site to work? If you want to learn, start by reading Killersites. There is so much info here. A good start for a basic overview is: http://www.how-to-build-websites.com/

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