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G.E Forum,

Does anyone have any good resources for PSD design? While learning the tricks of the trade on Lynda.com - it is fine and dandy learning the clone stamp, dodge tool and layers etc However - adding brightness or healing a scratched photo is not teaching me the tricks of building layouts in CS4. Besides PSDTUTS, WebDev, PSDTop, Tutorialized and VandelayDeisgn - does anyone have any other websites / resources they can lead me to for essential training on layouts and how to use the gradiants, filters etc properly for effective and beautiful aesthetics?


As always - thank you


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One of the best ways I found to do this is to go to a site like templatemonster.com where you can download a free website template (preferably one that you like the layout). Your download will contain the psd file for the site, and if you will open that in Photoshop, you can see some of the techniques used for layouts by examining each layer. Another great resource is


planetphoto shop .com.


Hope this helps.

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I am working on Photoshop tutorials centered on web design. I don't know when exactly they will be out, but you will start seeing them appear fairly soon.


I try to squeeze in a little PS tutorials during the day to improve my skills from the above mentioned sites / blogs. Looking forward to the new tuts and the new things to come on KS. Schooling for graphic design / visual communication is next




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