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PHP path in Windows XP


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Perhaps a silly question, but why bother doing this all manually? WAMP takes care of all of that for you -- you can have the server set up and ready to work with within about ten minutes?


I'm sorry if it is a silly one! But I'm just curious... and I want to try it manually....

people these days become more lazy because of these technologies and not knowing how things work... too bad sometimes one of them! ^_^ but I think its still much better to know why...


peace!!! :D

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Well, after doing a google search, it looks like there are a lot of answers for "How do I add my PHP directory to the PATH on Windows?". I would think that if it was necessary, PHP wouldn't work, so I'd guess that you probably do need it.


Here are instructions:



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Guest Brainsick

It is not needed at all. It is purely for ease of maintenance.


In fact, the "php.ini" is looked for in several locations.


Reference: http://www.askapache.com/php/custom-phpini-tips-and-tricks.html


Scroll down a bit until you see, "Default locations to look for php.ini".


I do not use the PATH simply because I do not want to. I have all of my various installations (PHP, MySQL, SQLite, etc) in the primary "Apache Software Foundation" folder.


I have found when something does not work it is simply a matter of rearranging a few key DLLs, INIs, or CONFs within that folder group to get everything running smoothly.


The best, most educative installation is, in my opinion, using the Apache binary installer and PHP compressed archive. You learn a bit and it goes surprisingly well if you pay attention to the details. This article for example goes to great lengths to complicate things in my opinion. Then it recommends against putting your PHP installation in the root of the server but does not explain why. Something I have had running without incident for several years.

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