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Hi ,


I was going to build this web application in PHP ,but i am not sure that which is the right approach to design this web app.


One that i could think of is start from HTML then move to JAVASCRIPT and then to PHP,like this i would be adding one feature at a time to the site.


Other approach could be to first create core PHP then later on create HTML & JAVASCRIPT part.


Please help me out .

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It really depends on what features you want your site to have. HTML, Javascript and PHP are not interchangable -- They each do different things.


I'd probably suggest this:

-- Write out an outline of the core functionality of the web application. Keep it simple -- you can always add features later.

-- Write out a basic site map

-- If this is a web app, it's probably better to focus on functionality first, design second. I'd suggest building out at least the most basic, core PHP features first. Make sure to test everything thoroughly before moving forward.

-- Once the basic functionality is in place, move on creating a design mockup

-- Code the design mockup (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and integrate it with the PHP as you go

-- Once both the basic functionality and the basic design is coded, then go back and start adding in nonessential features

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