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Submitting a form


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I'm new and trying to get this done soon.

I grabbed a form from another site and have it

set up the way I want it, without the submit button

not sure where that is yet; but how do I submit it.

Does it go to one of our email addresses or what?



thanks if you can help.

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No one can help me with submitting a form? I need to buy video?

I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to learn the code a year ago.

I'm just trying to build a website for our company.

I've looked around to find some answers and not finding a clear explaination. I'm finding I need other programs to build them.

I just want to simply have, an already built form go to an email.

It doesn't seem that tough. Do you guys not help idiots? What would your mother say?

I don't want to read a book or buy videos to tell me how to pop in a code.

I'm in Dreamweaver cs3. I didn't see a clear cut way to do it there. Do I need Cold Fusion App.

That seems like a separate app but I have elements in Dreamweaver. Just not getting it.


Thanks if you can help.

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You don't need a lot of fancy software, you do need to know how to code CSS and HTML and you don't even need Dreamweaver for that. As for sending forms through email, try Googling "formtoemail". Most general questions like yours can be answered through a Google search.

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