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PLEASE HELP - online order website

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hi everyone


I've been doing web design for a while, but now i need to design a more advanced site, something I haven't done before.


This site will have products to purchase. I'd like for clients to be able to "order" a product, or add products to a cart, all all the information should be sent to me.


I have no idea where to begin. Does this involve PHP and databases?

I'd really appreciate any help


please let me know, thank you!



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thank you for the reply, i checked out the site, what a good idea. Do you know of any other eCommerce software downloads? I love in South Africa, so the currency difference is extremely high.


Also, is it easy to integrate the shopping cart into a site that's already been created? It's about 50+ pages, will take forever to redo :(


Please let me know


thank you



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