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Guest mhd031



I've got a PHP page on which I am collecting data for. I.e. there are a couple of input boxes.


What I want to do is to have a "save" button at the bottom that outputs that data to a HTML file.


I gues my question is, how do I convert my PHP page into an HTML page that contains all the dynamically generated variables?


(im building a small app that allows people to create simple html email signatures, and to do so i need a html file)


any help much appreciated...

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If I understand you correctly, here is how I would go about doing it


When the save button is clicked:

-- create a new temporary file on the server (http://www.tizag.com/phpT/filecreate.php)

-- write your data in that file, using PHP's usual GET[] functionality to grab the input box data and save it in the appropriate spots (http://www.tizag.com/phpT/filewrite.php)

-- close the file once you are done writing to it

-- once the file is created, you could either offer the file for download, or allow them to copy/paste the created HTML code on the next page by reading the contents of the file into a textbox (http://www.tizag.com/phpT/fileread.php)


The only tricky part about this is that I am not sure if these temporary files you would be creating would delete themselves later, once they aren't needed. If a lot of people use the site, there would be a lot of temporary files created, consuming disk space (though text files are quite small, so it may not be an issue for a while). Perhaps if you want to allow users to copy/paste the HTML code, rather than downloading it, you could bypass the file create functionality, and simply do this:


Once the "save" button is clicked:

-- read in the input boxes using GET[]

-- using that data, create a long string that contains the correct HTML

-- output the HTML to the user

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If I understand your use case, I'd not try to generate an actual HTML page. Instead, I'd take submit the form back to the same page, but add a textarea with the code in it. That way, if they aren't happy with it, they can modify the original stuff, and resubmit to see their changes.


Having it in a textarea also makes it easy for the user to copy the HTML to paste into their forum profile.

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