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Jeffrey Zeldman: Understanding Web Design


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Just thought I would pass this on... an interesting presentation by Jeffrey Zeldman on Understanding Web Design, presented at AIGA Business and Design Conference in October 08.




Excellent video, Ben. :cool:


I recently read the printed version of this, albeit something akin to a written version on A List Apart. It was published (I think?) back in 2007, and quite a bit was said in that video that harmonized with that article, and ever since reading it, which was a couple of days ago, I've been wanting to understand what web design really should be about.


The original article talked about how not to design websites as if they were mere posters, but that they should be constructed in a way of having a recognizable user interaction in a way that an architect creates say, user-friendly function to any given room in a building.


Perhaps he is not a big fan of photoshop produced websites? Anyway, whether he is or isn't, I do now understand what is needed, though I wish I had your skills in all things graphics.


There were two other points that he made that raised my interest... I've always had this passing interest in education, mostly because I need it, but really because anything I learn tends to go in one eye and come out of the other. :lol:


Seriously though, there is a need for educators out there to get with all the current trends, as I have felt for a while now, as JZ mentioned, that there is no real program out there that can provide a real web design program that doesn't just take in the learning of one software program or another.


I recently read an article on Sitepoint -- something about a freelance's design secrets. After I had read it I thought to myself, yeah, I guess that was interesting, but what design secrets, or even, what freelance design secrets were imparted to me?


Jeffrey Zeldman talked not just about how to communicate to a client, but how to passionately engage a client in the ebb and flow of a project's progress, keeping it, up to a point, new and fresh in the client's mind. :cool:

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