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Designing for MObile Devices

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I bet some of you have already dug into this subjects and have some great resources and insights to share. Please do.


Also, any thoughts on this .mobi thing? Seems to me it's redundant, a properly designed site should display mobile with or without the extra domain name.

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Hi Thelma, I tried this about a year ago, and found too much inconsistancy to know forsure what you where actually getting/displaying. And now, the way mobiles and like are going, with everyone moving towards phones like ATT iPhones, I wouldn't even bother anymore. The iPhone displays sites just as well as any browser, in some cases better. The only thing iPhone doesn't do is flash, and that will be comming out in the next version I bet. It handles all JS perfect also!

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I have a Blackberry Curve and I use the browser that is supplied with it. It does not translate websites very well, but the .mobi sites work great. I check Fox News and a local news channel everyday and they're both the .mobi versions of their sites. Basically, they are stripped of all styling and they give me a list of links to articles. Pretty straightforward. I like it. I would love an iPhone, but I have to use Verizon and as I'm sure you know, they do not have it. :(


Anyway, when I visit sites like this one (KS) and others, I get frustrated because I have to scroll down through a bunch of styled divs just to get to the content.

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