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What Is Best Cms: Joomla Or Wordpress?


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I hate this question, every time it gets asked.


Nothing against you, it is just like asking "What is better, Ford or GMC?" It is personal opinion. Ask "What is better, Ferrari or Ford?" and the answer is mostly the same, whatever meets your needs. Most will say Ferrari, but not if you live on an unpaved road, not if you need to haul stuff around or have a kid and 3 dogs including a Malamute. Not if you live in Alaska and have to drive on icy roads through 12 inches of snow. Guess what I drive.


Ferrari & Ford is a stretch, but Ford & GMC is OK, both are equal, just different models of cars with different things offered that you choose what meets your needs (Unless your a hardcore customer of one or the other.)


Same for Wordpress & Joomla. It is a matter of opinion with most saying Wordpress as it is the better known of the two. Technically they are two different animals.

  • Wordpress is a Blog
  • Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System)

But Wordpress is very adapt at CMS work and Joomla supports Blogging features. Based on the above definitions and my own feelings I would say:

  • If it is a private web site or a web site for a non-technical oriented customer, I would choose Wordpress as it is good for Blogging and rather simple to use for the "technically impaired".
  • If it is for a true business/company of a larger or growing size, I would choose Joomla which is better suited for business as a true CMS but more technical in nature.

But that is my opinion, in the end what works for you or the customer?

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As LSW said it is a personal preference. My preference is WordPress. Yes it started as a blogging system. But through the years it has become a lot more. You can build robust e-commerce sites and just about any other kind of site that you want. The learning curve is much smaller. There are less steps for making pages. It is a lot easier to teach a client how to update content. When I use Wordpress I most often only have to show the client how to only a couple of times. When I used to use Joomla I would have to constantly go back and show the client how to do things. I used to give a year of free teaching and because of Joomla I shortened it to 6 months. But remember this is just my opinion.

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